Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; 

it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny. 

                            ~ Aristotle


Barahwolfe Swedish Vallhunds of Otago New Zealand are ethical owners and breeders of Swedish Vallhunds. 
Ours is a small, but focused hobby-enterprise dedicated to producing outstanding dogs, and making this wonderful breed available to every day people for companion pets.  

Our number one priority is good-natured, healthy and long-lived dogs We strive to preserve the breed as the original men who rescued the breed in the 1940's intended. 

Competition dog showing is not what we are ALL about, but we have produced six Australian Champion and four New Zealand Champions with relative ease as we work with some of the world's best Swedish Vallhund show class bloodlines paying attention to structure, anatomy and substance.  We believe pet owners should be able to take home show quality dogs.

We pay great attention to pedigrees and linage.  In the interests of genetic diversity we have imported Dogs and Frozen A.i. bloodlines from Sweden/Finland, and Australia.  We have exported our breeding dogs around the world, particularly to Australia and the United States in collaborative efforts with international breeders as we work together and joint guardians of a pedigree dog breed.

Barahwolfe has a long, established  history of championing the Swedish Vallhund breed with numerous aspects of breed involvement in New Zealand stretching back to 2002.  We care about breed history, breed health, the future of the breed.  We care about the community to Swedish Vallhund dog owners who collectively love and own our breed.  We operate an online facebook group of over 300 Swedish Vallhund friends, which is active and friendly.

Barahwolfe are known for knowledgeable and supportive practice.  Peta is a foundation member of the Swedish Vallhund Club in NZ and a proud member of Dogs New Zealand (formerly known as the N.Z.K.C)..

Barahwolfe dogs are found on the show scene, working on the farm, in family homes, and working as trained therapy dogs.

Swedish Vallhunds are amazing, tough dogs, originally bred as working farm dogs.  They are a landrace, and a national breed of Sweden.  Also known as Vastgotaspets, this breed make versatile family dogs and are excellent with children, other dogs and animals if socialised, trained and raised well.

Swedish Vallhunds typically live 14-17 years, have an easy care coat and are a small to medium sized dog.  They require good socialising ongoing from puppyhood and maintain highly inteligent and quirky, comedic personality types.

Farm Dogs!
Swedish Vallhunds were originally used as herding dogs with cattle.  Hundreds of years of breed trait is ingrained into these Swedish farm dogs.  Barahwolfe Swedish Vallhunds retain their herding instinct and can be trained to work on farms and lifestyle block. 

Pictured right is 'Wolf' of Timaru rounding up the stock for his boss.  

Trained therapy dogs

Nine year old Flicka was bred right here by Barahwolfe in Otago and is one of our special stars.  Flicka has had a career of therapy work including and especially working with children.  Flicka is owned and loved by Susan and Paul Dell of Auckland.

Temperament or nature are key elements when assessing or selecting dogs suitable for therapy work.  Barahwolfe strive to produce stable, sound and intelligent dogs for training to all kinds of roles.  

Children's Picture Book.
Such is our passion for the Swedish Vallhund that Peta wrote a chidren's book with the lead character a little Vallhund.  We still have a few copies left for anyone interested. 

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