Peta Dowle of Barahwolfe owns, exhibits and breeds handsome, healthy and superbly natured Swedish Vallhunds.  Welcome to our website.

Peta lives with her family in rural Otago.  She is a qualified vet nurse with a life time experience with dogs. Barahwolfe prioritises health and welfare in breeding and high standards of animal husbandry in their small endevour.  Peta is a member of all the appropriate breed clubs and organisations for Swedish Vallhunds and is a member of DOGS NZ (NZKC)  

We are the first and to date only Swedish Vallhund kennel in New Zealand to import frozen AI bloodlines (since 2011) for pedigree diversity - and has successfully produced pups from Europe's best breeding stock. 

Barahwolfe has bred five Australian Champion Show dogs and five New Zealand Champion Show dogs. We take a balanced approach to our dogs lives incorporating farm, family and dog sport activities including dog showing. Priority is happy, healthy and well temperamented dogs. 

Barahwolfe invites contact from people seeking a Swedish Vallhund to send a message off this website.
  • Qualified Vet Nurse
  • Member of DogsNZ, NZKC.
  • Founder Member of the Swedish Vallhund Club Inc
  • DNA Testing & Profiling for healthy dogs.
  • Ethical breeding practices.
  • Best In Show Winning Bloodlines.
  • Breeders of Australian & NZ Champions.
  • Fully Papered Progeny.
  • Never repeating same sire and dam pairings.
  • Full Tail and Stub Tailed Dogs.
  • Informed genetics programme.
  • Using Imported Frozen Semen.
  • Eye/Health Screening Breeding Dogs.