Barahwolfe Burt Lancaster (8 months)

Peta Dowle established Barahwolfe Swedish Vallhunds in 2003. Mentored initially by the late Mrs Rose Madsen of Valkrista fame she attributes her success in breeding healthy, sound a beautiful dogs to the support and education of fellow breed enthusiasts and to those who have entrusted their blood lines to.  Of particular mention and note are Jaxonville (Finland), Ausled (Australia) and the guidance and support of Svedala (Sweden).  

Peta lives with her family in rural Otago.  She is a qualified vet nurse with a life time experience with dogs. Barahwolfe prioritises health and welfare in breeding and high standards of animal husbandry in their small endevour.  Peta is a member of all the appropriate breed clubs and organisations for valhunds serving as committee member.  Barahwolfe is an NZKC registered kennel producing papered and pedigree dogs for working farms, family homes and competition show homes. 

In 2011 Peta imported the first frozen Ai bloodlines and has successfully produced pups from Europes best breeding stock.  2015 saw our home bred frozen Ai boy by 12 times Champion sire earn DOL Rising Star for the year.

Barahwolfe invites contact from people seeking a Swedish Vallhund to join their family. We operate a facebook group, and are contactable off this website.

Quick points:

Winning Best Baby Puppy in Show on Debut.

  • NZ's Longest Established (reg 2003) 
    Ethical and Actively SV Breeding Kennel. 
  • Member of the NZKC and the
    Official Breed Club of Sweden.
  • Best In Show Winning Bloodlines.
  • Breeders of Australian & NZ Champions.
    • Eye/Health Screening Breeding Dogs.
    • DNA Testing & Profiling.
    • Qualified Vet Nurse.
    • Breed Historian. 
    • Pups available about once a year to good homes.
    • Fully Papered Progeny.
    • Never repeating same sire and dam pairings.
    • Breeding on a selective and limited programme.
    • Full Tail and Stub Tailed Dogs.
    • Only breeding for (and from) red & grey coat colours.
    • Out crossed and informed Genetics programme.
    • First to successfully use Imported Frozen Semen.

    Our location: Lawrence, Otago.

    Qualified Therapy Dog:
    Barahwolfe has bred New Zealand's only qualified therapy dog. Barahwolfe Vanilj Flicka (Flicka) is owned by Paul and Sue Dell of Auckland. Flicka is a member of  She goes into schools around New Zealand to help educate the under 12 year old children about how to act and behave around dogs.  This charitiable work is designed to reduce the incidence of dog bites in New Zealand.  

    We are very proud of Sue and Flicka. 
    Topsy the first recognise for the breed (circa 1942)
    In 1942 two Swedish Gentlemen rode on bicycles 
    around the countryside of Vara, Sweden , calling into farmhouses in search of a disappearing breed of working farm dogs. The little dogs were marked by their natural stub tails, jaunty and confident nature and silver-grey wolf coloured coats. From a handful of discovered dogs and a few more found in the next few years , the breed was re-established from what is considered originally a ‘land race’ of dogs native to Sweden. These shortlegged dogs have come down from the dogs of the ancient Viking who predominantly used them on their farms.

    Today the Swedish Vallhund, also known in Sweden as ‘Västgötaspets’, retains his cattle herding trait. He is a highly intelligent and trainable dog. While rare, the Swedish Vallhund is growing slowing in popularity as people discover that their compact size; sturdy and robust physicality; general good health; and likable clownish natures, lend themselves very well to many living environments and lifestyles of New Zealanders. 

    This breed fits as well into suburbia as it does the working farm and lifestyle 
    block. They go well in apartments, on boats, in the bush, love the beach and when trained and raised well make exceptional pet dogs. Swedish Vallhunds need a firm but considerate owner, to whom they will remain very loyal. 

    A Vallhund is a fairly healthy breed with few known inherited conditions, they typically live for 15 - 17 years.  They have a double layer coat, consisting of a warm under layer and a harsh top coat.  They do moult and the degree of all year shedding varies from dog to dog.  Once they have lost their puppy coat and as an adult will moult their undercoat once or twice per year with the shift of seasons.  Some can be 'barky' unless trained not to be, and most retain their herding instincts and can have a prey drive.  Raised well they are great with children, other animals and dogs.  

    A Swedish Vallhund is happiest with you and doing whatever you are doing. Swedish Vallhunds have an easy care coat, and with their handsome good looks attract attention where-ever they go. We plan one or two litters per year.  

    2015 Rising Star Barahwolfe Sundown Warbirds

    New Swedish Vallhund Books
    These books are British and worth adding to you collection.  The puppy book on the left especially useful if you are about to aquire your first vallhund pup.  Contact us if interested in a copy.

    Swedish Vallhund Club Inc
    Look into joining the Swedish Vallhund Club.