Imported New Blood Lines:
New Bloodlines on ice in New Zealand. The below outstanding European stud dogs are standing at stud for Barahwolfe via frozen a.i. semen.  Ensuring the continued preservation of a rare breed.  Many thanks to Oili Helenius of the very successful JAXONVILLE kennel also dog owners Iina and Maisa for making these dogs available to Australasia.

Barahwolfe has added these bloodlines to our homebred stud dogs, to incorporate the best of local and international genes in our breeding.

C.I.B, P.O.H.J, F.I, G.B, D.K, S.E, L.V, E.E, N.O, L.T, B.A.L.T, B.Y,
Champion Pihlspetsens Andy Pandy 
(Andy is the most successful Swedish Vallhund to have ever sired progeny in New Zealand)


F.I. Champion Acmen Wagner 

C.I.B, F.I. Champion Jaxonville Q-Ma Kalle 

F.I. S.E. J.V-11, PMJV - 11 Champion Danga's Quasimodo-Å 

As this is a RARE breed with a limited gene-pool to ensure preservation of the Swedish Vallhund dogs we proudly operate an 'open' stud book making all the bloodlines available to us, accessible to reputable kennels.  Our aim is to assist dedicated breeders to out cross widely and contribute to the collective efforts of Australasia.

Working with Best in Show winning bloodlines and some of Europe and Australia's very best we ensure that outstanding Swedish Vallhunds are available to the public as companion family dogs - farm dogs, and show dogs.