The Swedish Vallhund Breed is a healthy and robust dog breed that is guesstimated to be some 900 years of age - descending down from the Viking age.   The breed was in decline last century and was rescued in the 1940's.  People dedicated to the breed work to preserve the gene pool today, importing breed lines to work with, they health screen and strive to protect the breed.  

The misnomer that cross bred dogs posses 'hybrid vigour' is a misleading claim.  Individual dogs may be healthy, yet the contributing 'other' parent may carry undetected genetically inherited anomalies, disorder and/or disease not present in the Swedish Vallhund population with, these passed to pups.  Some  health issues may not become apparent until the dog has fully matured.

Further, in mixing breeds there are no guarantees pups will inherit the various attributes and good qualities of a Swedish Vallhund.  Typically lost in crossing may be markings, the double layer coat, colouring, herding trait, and temperament.  A cross puppy is as likely to inherit the flaws and faults of the other parent and sadly carry (incorrectly) the name of the Vallhund.  

We have all met and loved dogs once known as 'mongrels', or 'Heinz Variety Special'.  You may well get lucky with a mix, but cross bred dogs are known to often take the worst of both parents, not the best of both and particularly when there is a clash or cross of breed traits. 

Do not to risk your luck with a backyard breeder or puppy farmer.  Backyard breeders do not invest in the breed, do not contribute to the breed and bring register-able lines to a dead end.  The resulting pups are unable to be documented or utilised for the good of the breed.  Instead of working to keep a rare breed, backyard breeders exploit the name and reputation of a the unique Vastgotaspets in a process of taking, not giving back.  Pups are not sold for the price of vaccination, and worming tablets only, but for profit and no money is put back into eye-testing, hip scoring, N.Z.K.C fees, or importation of new breed lines.  


Backyard breeders generally will not stand by their breeding, have no sale and purchase contracts, have no requirements of you for de-sexing, fencing or puppy training and/or socialisation.  Their interest extends to, and ends at, the  money in your wallet. They wont have a website, or ethical philosophy, or be able to talk with any level of knowledge or passion about the breed. 

Save yourself potential heart ache, do not be lured by the sweet taste of a what looks like a cute, cheap, bargain.  

Members of the public are advised, if you want the best a Swedish Vallhund can offer, look to an N.Z.K.C. registered breeder.