Pedigree name: Vanaheim SGT Pepper  Known as: Cookie.

 Location: Christchurch.  Owner:J & R Walsh.   Breeder: Mrs. Morgan. 

By: Jessica Walsh ~ Christchurch.

On Friday morning October the 28th 2011, I was feeling tired and had a lot of pain in my body.I have an illness called Systemic lupus erythematosus (an immune disease ), that causes me to be disabled in many ways in my life.  I knew that my Vallhund Cookie is aware of this, as he sees me struggle throughout the day to pick things up from the floor.

This Friday morning turned out to be an extraordinary day because Cookie did something that he had never been trained to do.The phone began to ring and it was across the room lying on the floor. I looked in the direction of the phone and expressed my frustration verbally at having to struggle to lift myself up off the couch to reach it. Cookie observed my expression on my face and as fast as he could he ran over and grabbed the phone in his mouth and dropped it right at my feet. I was totally amazed and I immediately gave Cookie praise for what he did.

Before I got Cookie, I prayed to God that he would send me a pup that was extra special – a pup that could help me with my disability.

God has sent me a dog that loves me and we as a family love him more than we could ever have imagined.