April Feature

Pedigree Name: Valkrista Georgia Glider  known As: Georgia  Bred By: Mrs Rose Madsen

 Owned By: Dave & Denise Huddleston  Location: Whangarei

Dave and Denise living in Whangarei had enjoyed owning their little dog Tammy, a spaniel cross.  Tammy had a lovely personality, was good with people and was a devoted family pet.  When at age 16 years Tammy passed away the Huddlestons were interested in having another dog of a similar temperament.  Their friend Jenice Moyle owned a Swedish Vallhund that they had admired.  Jenice's Swedish Vallhund Zac came from the first litter that Rose Madsen bred. Dave and Denise made contact with Rose and went to visit her at Mangawhai. It was here they met Possum, a bitch on loan back to Rose from Barahwolfe kennel. Denise says that she and Dave really liked Possum, as she was friendly, likable and they noted that Possum enjoyed chasing about a tennis ball.  Intially they thought they would like a Vallhund with a tail, but it ended up being a little bobtail girl pup that they chose as they found her so cute. Valkrista Georgia Glider was born into the 'marsupial litter' and her dad is Castleavery Storm Rider, a great stud boy known as Paddy.

Georgia joined Dave and Denise at about 8 weeks of age.  She soon proved to have inherited her mum's love of ball games.  Georgia is a lovely easy going girl and Denise describes her as very people orientated.  There are so many really nice walks out at Onerahi where they live and Georgia is into 'meeting and greeting' everyone along her regular outings. Georgia has daily company with her people as Dave is usually about.  As an inside dog, Georgia has her own bed that is located in the master bedroom . She starts the nights off here, but early in the morning she manages to sneak up onto the people bed.  Nobody seems to notice or mind.  Another highlight in Geogia's life is good friend Lottie, a Golden Retriever that lives next door.  Lottie and Georgia visit each other often, stealing and swapping dog toys.  Currently Lottie has a missing toy duck that Georgia has aquired.

When holidaying Dave and Denise take Georgia with them as they have a camper and they choose to book into dog friendly parks.  They  have been away three times just recently.  Georgia travels well and loves going everywhere with them.  Denise says their Swedish Vallhund has great recall and never wanders off. 

Another lovely ambassador for the breed.  Nice to meet you Georgia!!