Featured Swedish Vallhund

Pedigree Name: Valkrista Supanova.   Known As: Nova.  Bred By: Rose Madsen.

 Owner: Karen Lange.  Location: Christchurch, New Zealand.


Introducing Nova, a sable grey bitch bred by Rose Madsen of Valkrista kennel in Northland. Nova is six years old now and lives with a German Shepherd 'Turbo', who is eight.  Turbo and Nova are great mates.  "Turbo is alpha dog of the pair", says Karen "and Nova loves to 'mother' him."  Karen reports that Nova is "constantly licking Turbo".  

Nova has been with Karen since a puppy.  She travelled down from Valkrista together with her litter brother Apollo.  Nova and Apollo still know each other and catch up often, as Karen and Apollo's owner are friends.  For the first three years of her life, Nova was unimpressed with water.  She would paddle at the water's edge when at the river but was never keen to swim.  Now though Nova is a happy swimmer and Karen often takes her dogs down to the Waimakariri River.  Nova has also been trained for agility.  Karen says that Nova does quite well and is up to the competing level.  She enjoys agility although very good at missing the second to last pole when doing her weaves.

"Although generally a quiet girl, Nova is a very good guard dog." Says Karen. "She sits in the evenings in the doorway... looking out and watching the world go by and will let me know if someone has arrived."   

Nice to meet you Nova!