1) Choose your basic rules for the puppy, dogs like people need boundaries

2) Consistency, try to get everyone in the house to agree to and follow the same rules for the puppy (if you can achieve this tell me how!, but do try!)

3) Socialisation! Dogs, people, animals and things of all shapes and sizes, as many experiences as possible (however in a calm controlled environment)

4) Only let your puppy mix with good influences (dogs and people), they are little sponges in all ways.

5) Keep training sessions short and set the puppy up for success, baby steps as you progress.  Little and often is the key.  Build training into play.  Always finish on a fun note.

6) Play with your puppy, this builds your relationship and teaches it to focus on you.  continue throuhout its life.

7) Work on recall, this can save a dogs life, occasionally use a fantastic reward to reinforce this.

8) Never scold a dog on recall regardless of why you are having to call it in (yes it may have run off with a child's ice cream, but you want returning to you to always be positive).

9) It is hard with a puppy, but know your dog.  If it particularly loves food, or a ball or a ride in the the car, make it work for those rewards.

10) Develop trust in your relationship so your puppy can rely on you and look to you as leader.

11) Do not get frustrated when they make mistakes or do not understand what you want, remember your puppy is just a baby.

12) Teach a 'drop' or 'give command early, like the recall command having your puppy give you whatever is in their mouth may also be a lifesaver one day.

13) Take your puppy on adventures, just not too much exercise to protect their growing joints.

14) Take your time, you have a lifetime to build up skills with your dog

15) Enjoy your training time , if you or the dog are not having fun, quit for the day and have a play instead.

& 16) Love your puppy.

Tips contributed by Anna Thompson
Photo of Corey and Barahwolfe Lemon Cheesecake