Featured Swedish Vallhund

Pedigree Name: Torvall Karori Sassa.   Known As: Sassa.  Bred By: Kath Sinclair and Greg Sloane.

 Owner: Christine Birch.  Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand.


Woof!  Hullo  Woof! 

My name  is Sassa and I was born on 30th November 2008. My Mum is Cally, who lives with Kath and Greg at Torvall and Dad is Chaz, who lived with Rose and Hans at Valkrista.

I came to live with Christine in March 2009, after her trip to the Antarctic. Chris had to have Kim, her Corgi/Terrier cross put down at 15 1/2 in September and though she has a cat we all know that cats just aren't in the same league. She went to a Ribbon Parade with some friends at Ashhurst and spotted this lovely little pup doing it's stuff, so once she had found out the breed she went googling and I eventually came along.

After having an older dog for so long Chris had got very slack at putting things away so she needed some retraining, which kept me pretty busy for a few weeks. Some rooms now have Kiddie Gates in the doorways to keep me out,  What A Cheek !!!!!!. Some of her shoes ended up in the bin as I made such a good job of them, leather is very tasty you  know and so chewy. One of Chris's friends brought me a squeaky toy when she visited but I don't accept any old rubbish and had it in pieces within 10 minutes much to Chris's embarrassment.
I have a real sweet tooth so found her strawberry plants within days of arriving and after that Chris didn't have a hope of even getting a taste. I heard her complaining to her friends and threatening to put chicken wire over them this year. We will see who is the more persistent.

My favourite spot to sit, on a sunny day, is the back door steps as I can see almost the whole back yard from there so if the cats from next door try to sneak over I can spot them. I have a big scratch on my nose that I never mention as I'm too staunch, but it keeps getting re-scratched which bothers Chris so she has become a real spoilsport as she either rescues the cats or makes me go inside so they can get away. I'm only trying to keep them in line as I'm bred to do, it's not my fault they don't appreciate it.

Sometimes, especially at weekends when there are more dogs and people about we take our walks down at the Manawatu River, thats fun. Most people who ask think I am a miniature Husky, how stupid, I'm not a miniature anything Thank You !!! A couple with a beagle even offered to swap dogs AS IF !!!!  Other days we do the streets and at times I get bored just plodding along beside her so now and then I sneak ahead then suddenly, without any warning, she turns and walks to other way. I suppose she thinks she is being funny, but it is very annoying. Sometimes though I get the better of  her as I 'Suddenly' make out that I have remembered and slow right down till she catches up then I give her my sweetest smile and she is such a sucker she tells me what a good girl I am and gives me a treat. Using a variety of tactics, some days I can get through a whole pocket full of treats before we get home. If  I have been good, halfway along our street walk we divert to the Mangaone Stream Walkway, where dogs can be unleashed, then at an exit point back on the leash and the street again.

When the 2nd School term started we enrolled in Puppy School at the Feilding Dog Obedience Club. I was with a Ridgeback and Rottie, so big dogs are no bother to me, I think I'm one too. The 3rd term we joined the "Canine Good Citizen" class so have been doing all sorts of things. The ramps and steps at the Feilding railway station are good for practice and we often have trains going through, they go soooooo fast but I am getting braver each time. One blasted it's horn at us and if we hadn't been on our leashes would have beaten it to the other  The Obedience bit that really bugs me the most is "Sit Stay and "Down Stay", we are expected to "Stay" in the one place for "ages" while the humans have a good old gossip, do they realise how BORING that is !!!

If we are up to speed we hope to attempt assessment for Foundation and maybe even Bronze in February. That's if  I'm in the mood of course. Chris has said that once we have finished all levels of CGC we can go on to something more active, like agility so I'm looking forward to that.

                         ~ Sassa ~

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