Jette Holmes, was born in Denmark in 1951.  Both of her parents come from an artistic background and her father owned a sign painting business.  Sometimes he took Jette to work where she was able to play with the paints and pencils.  From the age of two years Jette started to draw and has been drawing ever since.

Not a big fan of school, Jette used her study time to sketch horses on the corner pages of her school books.  Then when she flicked the pages the horses would be animated into a trot.  

In recognition of her talent Jette was offered a scholarship to study art when she left high school which she turned down.  While Jette can work with Acrylics and Oils, her preference is simple pencil and quality sketch paper.  She says it is easy to put down an artwork and come back to it later, without the mess and clean up of paints.  

Jette is also passionate about photography (as so many artists are), and carries her camera with her everywhere.  This works wee as Jette prefers to sketch from photographs.  Beyond sketching Swedish Vallhunds, Jette creates artwork and images of other dog breeds and animals.  She regularly enters prize winning works into local country fair art competitions.

Jette and her husband live with a happy menagerie of animals including three Swedish Vallhunds in the home that they built themselves.  She feels most inspired by sketching dogs and captures their sincerest facial expressions .  She describes the eyes of a dog as 'magical and as saying so much'.

Jette has sold artworks, gifted artworks and has donated her art to charity auctions.  She may be contacted here



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