In September, 1997, as a couple growing older graciously, my husband Ron and I  felt we were in need of something to enrich our lives and keep us both mobile.  Two years previously, we had lost our little Shi-itsu, Missy, due to old age.  We still felt the void of her passing, but were  beginning to feel the need for another four legged friend to take her place. 

So when we opened our local paper, The Matamata Chonicle, and found a very interesting article written by Rose Madsen we were very interested.  Rose was giving details of the dogs that she and her husband Hans, were breeding in Mangawai Village.  We read the attributes etc of these little Vallhunds and all the details regarding their loving nature, appealed to us both.

Being elderly, we felt a pup could be a bad decision and result in one of us tripping over and breaking a limb.  Further discussion with Rose, turned our thoughts to a mature dog, perhaps past its breeding life. Rose was hesitant in telling us about their speyed ex breeding bitch named Millie.  The problem being that, Millie was Hans' own favourite pet.

We waited with baited breath for Hans to return from holidaying in Australia, and then for Rose to discuss with him whether or not he would feel he could part with his much loved four legged friend.  Imagine our elation when Rose emailed us to say that Hans had agreed to let Millie come to us.

The following weekend we drove to Auckland, and our son and daughter-in-law took us to Mangawhai to visit Rose and Hans and  to meet Millie and their other four legged family.After watching the antics  and enjoying their ball games, etc., we enjoyed Rose's lovely luncheon .  Shortly afterwards Hans and Rose said goodbye to their lovely little lady and we tempted Millie into our car.   Our hearts in our mouths in case she became upset and agitated  by going off with complete strangers.  We need not have worried for as we drove off she stood looking around for five minutes then  curled up beside me and in a short time was fast asleep.

When we arrived in Auckland, she became my shadow and she settled down well and slept the night away.  The next day we resumed our trip back to our home in Matamata, where it did not take her long to settle in with her new family.

So began our happy liason with this beautiful dog who has become the love of our lives,  and has kept us young.  At twelve years of age she is probably not as frisky as she used to be, but she still enjoys her walks, mainly with Ron.  Though steps are not her favourite things, she stays quite agile.  Her favourite past time  is to go tripping in our camper van, and she is much admired by all who are lucky enough to meet her.

Owning a Valhund is a wonderful thing, and having Millie as a companion is the best thing that could have happened to us.

Thank you Hans and Rose, for giving us the pleasure of having her in our family.

Bernice and Ron Grondin.