December 26, 2010

27th July 1970 ~ 30th November 2010.


* Loss !

It is with much sadness that we report on the passing of club member Karen Lange.    Karen - Dog Lover, Swedish Vallhund Owner and former member of the Swedish Vallhund Club Committee.  We extend our deep sympathy to Karen's husband Brett, also her friends and family.  We know that she will be missed by many  including her dogs Nova and Turbo. 

Karen's funeral is to be held at 2.30 pm at the Westpark Crematorium, Wairaki Road on Friday the 3rd of December.  No flowers please, donations made to the S.P.C.A, messages and cards may be sent to P.O.Box 39001, Christchurch 8545.

  New Breeders

New Zealand welcomes three new Swedish Vallhund breeders to the club ranks. There are an additional two more new breeders that hopefully we can announce very soon.  But for now let us introduce you to -   

Louise and Murray Smith of Auckland, who have been long time owners of working stud boy Valkrista Paddy's Rune Stone.  Louise is also a foundation and committee member of the club.  The club congratulate Louise on her new puppy Barahwolfe Hazelnut Whirl (or Meg) as she steps out into the show scene.  Meg on debut did well to be considered for an in group win after taking Best of Breed as a baby puppy against competition.  We know that Louise will make a valuable contribution to the New Zealand Swedish Vallhund scene with her ethical approach to all matters and we look forward to there one day being little Thurston puppies trotting about.

Rune & Meg.

Janette Schwass based in Nelson, experienced breeder and show competitor has joined our club as a new Swedish Vallhund Breeder member.  Janette has bred and shown Beagles successfully previously and acquired her foundation Swedish Vallhund bitch NZCH Valkrista Miss Matilda (or Tilly) from the late Mrs Rose Madsen.  The club also wish to congratulate Janette on her puppy Barahwolfe Caramel Velvet, (or Cody) as he went to his first shows in Christchurch a couple of weeks ago securing Best of Breed against competition but also taking Baby Puppy in Show.  The club look forward to accepting memberships from people who own Little Court Swedish Vallhunds at some time in  the near future.

Cody at his first show weekend.

John and Gina Wright, of Rotorua are proud owners of Valkrista Theoden (or Odin) and so are not new to Swedish Vallhunds. Odin a son of Castleavery Storm Rider (imp ireland) joined the Wright family in 2004.  Odin is a wonderful kid proof, bomb proof, working farm dog and family companion.  Still in the process of choosing a kennel name Gina and John have welcomed Barahwolfe Sweet Fudge into their home and hearts.  They look forward to contributing to the breed in  the years ahead and we welcome them to the club and the Swedish Vallhund Community.  A growing family!

Odin and Fudge

* Australasian Vastgotaspets Health Register

The team working on establishing the register are talking to Australian veterinary health professionals so that the register functions and meets the needs of the Australian participants as well as the New Zealand kennels.  

We were hoping to have it all up and running in January, but it seems it is more likely to be Feb/March at this time.  We realise there is some impatience to get going however remind folks that this has been a big project with unpaid volunteers doing all the leg work.  We also want it set up well and ready to roll properly from day one so as to maintain the credibility of the register for years to come.


Following application in November the Swedish Vallhund Club are delighted to report that the New Zealand Kennel Club have opted to formally recognise our organisation.  To achieve official recognition within a year of start up is an achievement that will go down in the history books for the club.  

* AGM - Queenstown

The clubs Annual General Meeting is to be held in Queenstown the first weekend in February.  Specific details of venue, time and date will be published shortly.  Open invitation is made to interested people to attend. 

* Rumors

The club wish to advise the public about not paying attention to malicious rumors that seek to discredit breed/blood lines of Swedish Vallhunds within New Zealand both past and present.  

All lines in New Zealand today come from a relatively small gene pool internationally and all lead back to the same handful of dogs rescued in the 1940's.  As a consequence all lines and all kennels here are quite related to a degree.  Considering this we are fortunate that Swedish Vallhunds are known to be a relatively hardy and healthy breed with very few genetic health issues.  

The Swedish Vallhund Club in Sweden (Special Klubben For Västgötaspets, SKV) recently issued a statement about unorthodox research distancing themselves from inaccurate claims about the breed.  The Swedish Vallhund Club in New Zealand, along with other Official Swedish Vallhund organisations around the world,  follow their lead.  Spurious assertions and innuendo should be ignored.  Concerned people are encouraged to talk directly to the club when in search of facts.    

* Advertising Opportunities

We currently have a number of possible projects ahead that will present opportunities to for breeders to advertise.  If you wish to be included with such things as pamphlet, calendar sponsorship, magazine features and the like, please stay in touch with Peta Dowle or Natalie Morgan so that you do not miss out. 



November 28, 2010





The first Swedish Vallhund to arrive in

New Zealand, belonged to Maree Cooper

Phaiksee sends us these pictures of their

Boy running in the waves.

and recently recovering from ligament surgery.


Relaxing with a cuppa.  Silver Fox enjoys a snooze

at Mum's feet - ahhhh its a tough old life.

Watson is looking forward to summer

and endless fetch the tennis ball games!


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October 31, 2010

October Swedish Vallhund News

* Congratulations to:

Kath and Greg of Torvall kennel in Wellington for winning Best of Breed at the New Zealand Kennel Club 2010 National Championship Dog Show held this year in Fielding.  Congratulations to all participants, results as follows


Best of Breed            

Bred by Mrs Rose Madsen
Owned by Mr Greg Sloane
Reserve Best of Breed                 HOGALIDS DEXTER (IMP-SWE)

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