April News.

* Nominations called for
There is currently a space on our club committee for another committee member.  Nominations from the wider Swedish Vallhund Club are called for.  Committment to the club may take up an hour a week of a committee members time, plus there are 4 meetings per year to attend.  Our meeting locations move around the country (so far have been held in Auckland, and Lawrence and next meeting is Christchurch).  Attendance may be in person or via speaker phone.  Travel to meeting venues is the expense of the individual committee member.   You may nominate yourself.  All nominations are required to be seconded by another club member.  Nominations close May 15th, and may be made in writing to secretary@svclub.org.nz 

* Facebook Page
You can now find the Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ) on Facebook.  Click here:  

* Prefered Charity
On formation of the club last November it was agreed on our first meeting to recognise The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation as our prefered charity.  We wrote to the NZBCF about our desire to support the efforts and work of their organisation and also acknowledge in a meaningful way two of the first breeders of Swedish Vallhunds in New Zealand who journeyed through part of their lives with breast cancer.  The NZBCF have consented to our use of their logo on our site and are delighted to have us join them as supporters in the task of increasing awareness about breast cancer.

* Old copies of  the Vallvoice.
The club is seeking old copies of the original Vallvoice.  If you have copies would you please contact Peta Dowle petadowle@slingshot.co.nz Peta is working on building a broad archive of detail that pertains to Swedish Vallhunds in New Zealand.  So far the club has collated a reasonable collection of photos, publications and detail of historical significance.  Also if you have stories, anecdotes or information you think important from an historical perspective please get in touch with Peta or the club.

* Incorporation
The Swedish Vallhund Club is working towards becoming an incorporated society.  Thank you to the people who stepped up to sign the official documentation that is part of the process.  This is not a race, and steady progress is being made.
* Promotion 
Yay, Swedish Vallhunds made it into the latest edition of the Fetch magazine. (AGAIN)  This time a write up on an historic walk, featuring our lovely Swedish Vallhunds.  Be sure to grab a copy of this magazine.  Aside from seeing our breed in print the magazine is worth getting as Fetch is a very good publication with quality content.  Dog lovers New Zealand over are talking about how Fetch is filling a much needed gap in the magazine market for active dog ownership.  The prestigious Dog News (Australia) has also just profiled the Swedish Vallhund Breed.  Most of the New Zealand and Australian Swedish Vallhund kennels were in this publication. 

 * Coffee Cup Caption 

Last month we invited folks to submit a caption to go with a picture of puppy Porkchop.  The two entries were selected to go with the image on a coffee cup with our club logo are:

You're never too young for a Vallhund 'Nana-Nap!

contributed by P.Venables.

I can't believe I drank the whole thing! 

contributed by Cheryl Rolfe.

These mugs will be available to purchase before the end of April   

Watch this space. Details coming soon.



PORKCHOP  (a.k.a. Solborg Pippin)

* Calendar Photos
We are planning to publish a Swedish Vallhund Club Calendar for 2011.  Keep your camera's snapping through the year and submit your entries in September.  Grab a Calendar for  yourself, order some for friends as Xmas gifts and support the club at the same time.  Other club merchandising coming soon.

* Welcome to the club new members
*  Vissy, with Mike, Janine and Family - Dunedin  *  
Heidi, with Heather and Family - Auckland  *   
Freiia, with Deborah, Peter and Family - Auckland  *   
Mopsen, with Amber, Eric and Family - Ashburton  *   
Tonto, with Maggie and Hamish - Christchurch  *   
Puffin, with Morag, Tobias, and Broghan - Dunedin  *   
Tyko, with Darren, Lorraine and family - Mosgiel.

* Annual Gathering - North Island
March saw Swedish Vallhund owners and their dogs turn out in Tirau for the gathering usually hosted by our club Patron.  As Rose has been so unwell, club member Lynne Henry stepped up and offered to host it at her place.  Unfortunately Rose and husband Hans were unable to make the trip.   They instead welcomed Pip and Pat in for a coffee on their way back from the day at Lynne and Wayne's place. Rose's visitors were able to recount  the  day and dogs for Rose who enjoyed hearing of everything.  Just under 20 Swedish Vallhunds made it to the gathering including 'agility whizz' Mandy and her owner Sylvia, long time member of the Swedish Vallhund community Marion Gilhooley with the lovely Beau up from Auckland, and half grown pups from Vallarity's first litter.  The gathering was complete with blue skies and a sprinkling of 'honarary Swedish Vallhunds.'