August 2010 News
JULY 31st - AUGUST 1st

* We went to PET EXPO
Pet Expo a huge success.  The Swedish Vallhund Club held a stand at Pet Expo in 
Hamilton where people could come cuddle the pups, meet adult dogs and talk to 
the president and club members on site.  Swedish Vallhunds were also able to be 
seen at the Open show held in conjunction with Expo.  We really enjoyed the 
opportunity to answer your questions, meet new people.   We were delighted to 
display a slideshow of the beautiful photos by Oili Henelius.  Special thanks to 
breeder Oili for supplying her wonderful images without charge for our use this 
weekend.  We are certain they will be admired by all.  Also we wish to extend 
appreciation to Robyn and Derrick Marsters of Quality Rental Management for 
their help and support over the weekend.  HUGE Thanks also to 'fetch!' magazine 
for their fantastic sponsorship and support.

* Raffle
Pet Expo has two raffles running.  If you can  make it to expo make sure you 
grab a $2 ticket and chance to win $150 worth of prizes.  Up for grabs is $70 
worth of Hoyts movie passes, a $50 Sub Card from Subway and $30 worth of MTA 
petrol vouchers.  

* New Litter
There is a new litter due this week at Barahwolfe Kennels.  We wish Peta all the 
best with the whelp.

* Animal Academy TV6
Don't forget to tune into TV6 and see Olympic Gold medalist Sarah Ulmer and Park 
Ranger Jeremy McGuire profile Swedish Vallhunds.  Anna Thompson of Christchurch 
with her Swedish Vallhund Apollo endured the miserable weather recently with 
White Bait tv filming in the city.  We can't wait to see how  it all turned out. 
 Many thanks to Jason Gunn and everyone involved in the show for the opportunity 
to showcase the breed at a national level.

* Wallaby
Good news!!!  Breaking News!!!  Wallaby, or Aus & NZ Champion Leesway Man About 
Town after four weeks of being missing has BEEN FOUND.  He is reunited with his 
owner Ron in Mangawhai.  Thank you to everyone who was able to assist.  It 
appears that the photos popped up on Trade Me did the trick.

* The Swedish Vallhund World CongressPeople planning to travel to Sweden for 
world congress June 2011 will want to download the itinerary sent through from 
the SKV.  This is a fabulous opportunity for breeders and owners to meet with 
like-minded enthusiasts.  The SKV (Specialklubben för Västgötaspets) are putting 
in a lot of effort to host a fabulous event.

* fetch! Magazine
The committee wish to extend a thank you to Lifestyle publishing for their 
support and willingness to assist us with the promotion of our club and breed. 
 Fetch! is a new magazine and we are a new dog club.  It has been heartening to 
deal with professionals who understand and cheer for the 'underdog' (if you'll 
pardon the pun) as much as we do.  We hope to continue our friendship with 
fetch! magazine and urge members to grab a copy from the nearest book store.  

 * The 'List'There is currently a compiled list of misinformation circulating on 
the internet regarding Swedish Vallhund genetics.  We encourage the public to 
deal directly with breeders and breed clubs who are in receipt of the most up to 
date information regarding such things as the genetic breed health of the dogs. 
 Swedish Vallhunds are known as a relatively hardy, healthy and long lived 
breed.  The Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ) takes seriously the long term health of 
the breed and prefers to promote the scientifically backed opinions of qualified 
veterinarians, geneticists and health professionals.  
Following the Official Swedish Vallhund Club of Sweden (Special Klubben For 
Västgötaspets, SKV), the Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ) and in conjunction with 
other official Swedish Vallhund organisations internationally, want to make it 
clear that we do NOT support or endorse the so called "list" displayed on 
various websites (some anonymously owned), or circulating via email, regarding 
unorthodox research on the Swedish Vallhund Breed.


* The Australasian Vastgotaspets Health Register
Progress is being made in the development of a health register that will publish 
limited health information about Swedish Vallhunds in New Zealand.  Breeders may 
opt to participate in the register giving permission for their dogs health 
testing status to be published online.  Accuracy and authenticity will be 
paramount in this project and we anticipate the register will have wide appeal 
and support going by current indications. 

We are pleased to have accepted guidance from vets, oplthalmologists and kennel 
authorities.  We aim to have the register up and functional before January 2011. 
 The register will provide independent verification of breeder claims and also 
compile of body of data useful for geneticists and professionals of the future 
working towards keeping our breed healthy.  Watch this space!

* Position on Committee
With the recent resignation of committee member Karen Lange, there is now a 
space on committee for a club member to join us.  There is a real social aspect 
to belonging to the committee with much fun to be had as well as the serious 
organisational work and breed/club promotion.  The committee wish to extend 
particular thanks to Karen for her invaluable input and ideas and wish her well 
with her future endevours.  Nominations for committee are now called for. 
 Committment to the club may take up an hour a week of a committee members time, 
plus there are 4 meetings per year to attend.  Our meeting locations move around 
the country (so far have been held in Auckland, and Lawrence and next meeting is 
Christchurch).  Attendance may be in person or via speaker phone.  Travel to 
meeting venues is the expense of the individual committee member.   You may 
nominate yourself.  All nominations are required to be seconded by another club 
member.  Nominations close August 30th, and may be made in writing