* Committee

The club is delighted now to have eight people on committee.  Following a call out in the Vall-Voice to the whole Swedish Vallhund community, we have had sufficient people step forwards and volunteer their skills and time to push ahead with running the club.    Everyone is listed on the contact page, but soon we will have a short bio on the volunteers, so you can meet the team.  Our next committee meeting is February 20th 2010.  Minutes of  the November 20th 2009 meeting are available upon request to the club secretary.  

* Rehoming Success

The Swedish Vallhund club was approached to handle a rehoming situation hot on the heels of  setting up our new rescue and rehome service.  Toby, a five year old Swedish Vallhund, was in need of a new home.  His new owners have written to us with detail that they were happy to share with everyone following a successful placement with them.  

Dear Swedish Vallhund Club,

Toby was recently re-homed, and is living with us in Auckland. He is an amazing companion to his new owner, our son Eben.  The two of them are inseparable. Toby is getting lots of exercise,  attention and love and he is absolutely prospering in his new environment. He has learned to do “high fives” and enjoys going on the newspaper runs and car rides everywhere with Eben in his car. 

This has been a very pleasant introduction to a dog breed, unknown to us until we met Toby. We will recommend Swedish Valhunds with confidence and pride to all our friends and family as the perfect family pet. 

All our thanks and appreciation to Natalie and Johanna for their assistance and ongoing support! 

Petrus, Sonja and Eben Trollip


Toby is delighted to have

found  a great new friend 

and happy home

The Swedish Vallhund Club is fortunate to have Natalie Morgan head our rehome and rescue service.  Natalie has many years experience as a vet nurse but also three years of service with the S.P.C.A.   She combines people skills, with her animal knowledge and comon sense to be a valuable member of the club.  Natalie has been involved with rescuing and rehoming Swedish Vallhunds in years gone by and says that it is very rewarding finding solutions for people and good homes for dogs.  Natalie may be contacted through the club. 
Johanna was our contact person liasing with Toby's original owner.  Natalie wanted Johanna thanked and acknowledged for her assistance in helping Toby transition to his new home.

* Pokeno

On the 21st of November upon the land named Ngahere Kahu o te Wai (Forest Cloaked Waters) a special event occurred and was hosted by Mr. Ian Gray.  The assembled Swedish Vallhund owners, enthusiasts and friends witnessed the dedication of the seat made in remembrance of Lesley Gray.  The seat was a gift organised by Marion Gilhooley on behalf of Swedish Vallhund owners, and capabley built by Wayne of Vallarity Kennel. This beautiful seat is now permanently stationed on the land owned and developed by Ian and Lesley and looks out across a pretty water pond which will in time be 'cloaked' with native New Zealand forest. 

The day was a poignant, historic and memorable occasion.  Over is a short video to let you catch a glimpse of the day.

* Puppies

The club is aware that Barahwolfe kennels have puppies due mid December and wish Peta well with the arrival of new Swedish Vallhunds.  Also Jackie de Graaf of Swensk kennels has two puppies ready now for new homes.  You can contact Peta and Jackie off the breeder pages.


* Merry Christmas

Everyone from the commttee wishes you all a safe and happy holiday period.  Please look after yourselves, drive carefully on the roads and remember that hot cars can be dangerous for dogs.   Carry lots of water and take stops for your furry family members if you are travelling away.   

We look forward to coming back to you with more news in January.  Keep the cameras snapping while you are away at the beach and making the most of summer.  There are more issues of the Vall-Voice to fill through 2010, and getting to know everyone has been wonderful so far.  We anticipate an exciting year ahead with lots of projects, ideas and activities planned.