March News. 

* Membership
Last month we saw an influx of new members.  It's great that the club is growing and lots of people are emailing in!  Please be aware that joining now requires a minimum of gold coin donation.  We are running on a shoestring budget, and appreciate donation.  The dedicated team of eight on committee are determined to do a great job regardless.  With our website up and away, refreshed monthly, a magazine and lots of projects on the go we are very pleased with how things are ticking along thus far.  Suggestions and feedback always welcome

* Our Patron
Our Patron, and life member, Mrs Rose Madsen of the pioneering kennel Valkrista is at this time very unwell.  Our love, thoughts and prayers of the club and committee are extended to Rose and husband, Hans, in Mangawhai.  Rose has many good friends around New Zealand and are all thinking of her, Hans and their little Vall-pack right now.

* Vall-Voice
The next edition of the Vall-Voice newsletter is planned to be posted out in April.  If you have photos, stories and ideas for the publication send in your contributions to us.  The website is getting lots of traffic, but the Val-Voice reaches many more people.  Share your Swedish Vallhund with the wider community and send in a photo.

* Promotion 
Yay, Swedish Vallhunds made it into the latest edition of the Fetch magazine. Alistair Hall and team did a fantastic job of the breed feature.  It is fabulous to see our little dogs in full colour and lots of detail for the public to read.  If you haven't seen a copy ask for the last issue at your bookstore.  The copy you want actually has a Border Collie on the front with a pink ball in his mouth.

Additionally we are excited to report that Whitebait t.v. in Christchurch are due to film a few of our Swedish Vallhunds to be featured on their great show Animal Academy.  This is the third season of the animal show, and we are thrilled to be invited to showcase our breed on national T.V.

Additionally The Swedish Vallhund Club are booked to be at the Hamilton Pet Expo.  The venue is the Claudelands show grounds.  The organisers are expecting some 12,000 plus visitors through over the weekend.  Any member who would like to volunteer some time on the stand will be very welcome.  Just contact our North Island Co ordinator Louise Smith and let her know you may be available.

* Coffee Cup Caption 
This image below needs a caption.  The wee pup is known as 'Porkchop' and the Swedish Vallhund Club has been given reproduction rights to the image.  This generous donation was made by Porkchop's (Solborg Pippin) breeder, Ivy.  What we need now is a comedy caption to go with it.  Once this has been selected the plan is to print this image, along with the club logo on a coffee cup available to anyone who wishes to purchase it.  Additionally we will be offering very soon a service that allows your image of your Swedish Vallhund, with the club logo printed on a coffee mug also.  You can visit Ivy's website here -

PORKCHOP  (a.k.a. Solborg Pippi)

* Gabriel's Gully - in the South Island.
The Vallmeet at Gabriel's Gully was a roaring success.  The weather fabulous, the people in good spirits and the dogs as happy as ever.  Many people arrived the night before the event and the next day's lunch beside the lake, preceeded the two hour walk around the interpretive track.  An account of the walk, with photos taken by Bruce Knox are expected in the next edition ofFetch magazine.  later we settled back for a barbeque at Barahwolfe, and the evening saw the Committee of the Swedish Vallhund Club hold their meeting.  Minutes of that meeting are available to any member upon request to the Hon.Secretary.  Such was the big success of the gathering that we thought we would make it an annual event. - See you at Gabriel's Gully next February!!!

* Calendar Photos

We are planning to publish a Swedish Vallhund Club Calendar for 2011.  Keep your camera's snapping through the year and submit your entries in September.  Grab a Calendar for  yourself, order some for friends as Xmas gifts and support the club at the same time.  Other club merchandising coming soon.

* New Litters
There are several new litters on the way in New Zealand.  It is a breach of the N.Z.K.C. rules for breeders to place puppies into pet stores.  All the breeder members of our club adhere to the N.Z.K.C. rules and regulations, so if you are looking for a Swedish Vallhund puppy you will need to contact the breeders directly.  You can find their details off our breeder pages here.  Visit their websites, make phone calls and talk to folks directly.  Also - there will be an advertised list of New Zealand litters in the next Vall-Voice.

* Annual Gathering - in the North Island.
27/28 March. 
This year's annual gathering of Swedish Vallhund owners is to be held in Tirau.  Rose Madsen has kindly consented to her event being hosted away from Valkrista this year.  She and Hans intend to travel to the event if Rose is well enough. They hope to see you there.  Attendees are asked to bring a plate for a shared lunch, and visitors will be arriving from 10.30 onward.  For details on address and directions contact

* New Import
Congratulations are extended to Lynne Henry, and Ron Bentley for the arrival of a brown grey Swedish Vallhund pup into New Zealand. Hรถgalids Dexter arrived on the 12th of February and joins the dogs at Vallarity.  We wish Vallarity every success with their new boy.  

 "Dexter" Is the 18th Swedish Vallhund

To have been imported into New Zealand

since "Puffin" arrived in 1975. 

 (see the below feature.)