* New Breeder

The club is really delighted to announce the arrival of a new breeder of Swedish Vallhunds on the scene in NZ.  Jackie deGraaf owns SVENSK Swedish Vallhunds and aquired her foundation breeding bitch from Valkrista kennel.  We wish Jackie every success and look forward to supporting and encouraging her with her breeding programme.  Jackie currently has a litter of five and is welcoming enquiries about the puppies.

* New Websites

Three new websites to see.  Linked off the breeder pages.  




* Rehoming Toby

We are delighted to report that Toby the 5 year old Swedish Vallhund has been settled into his new home.  The family that has taken him, spotted him on trademe and immediately contacted the club.  We hear that he is a huge hit with the 15 year old who has been long wanting a dog, and on his very first night was treated to a bath!  We might be able to share photos of the happy Toby at some stage.   Many thanks to Joanna who assisted the club in liasing with the family and caring for Toby until his transition.  

Please know - if you are needing to rehome your Swedish Vallhund the advisable first step is to go back to breeder you got your pet from.  The next step, or alternative option is to contact the club (secretary@svclub.org.nz) and we will, without question or judgement do our best to help.

* New Committee Members

Currently on your committee are Louise Smith, Peta Dowle, Natalie Morgan, and Martin Jansen.  The three extra we need will come out of the five volunteers that have answered the call in the Vall-Voice and offered their time and services.  Following our inaugral committee meeting (to be held before Christmas), we will be able to detail who everyone is.  

To be sure, this is just a working party/placeholder group set up and run the club for a year before democratic elections. We have been inundated with support and encouragement and thank the wider community for their enthusiasm and support.

* Calendar of November Vallmeets

Dedicating Lesley’s Seat

When: November 21st 2009 - 11 am

Where: 107 Avon Road, Pokeno.

R.S.V.P to marion.g@ihug.co.nz so that numbers for

Tea and coffee are known.  Please bring a plate to share. Phone Marion if you want more detail 09 473 0098.

Christchurch Picnic

When: November 15th 2009 - 11.30 am

Where: Waimakariri River.

R.S.V.P. to  karen.lange@gmail.com so that numbers are known.  Bring your lunch.  There are picnic tables there.  If it rains, lunch can be had instead back at the Lange’s home.  Phone Karen if you want more detail on where to be.  03 3274496.

Please check here before 8 a.m of the morning of the vallmeet

 to see if there are any postponements or additional information

 you need to be aware of.  Organisers please contact Peta before 7.45 am

 if you have important detail to advise regarding your vallmeet.