The first Swedish Vallhund to arrive in

New Zealand, belonged to Maree Cooper

Phaiksee sends us these pictures of their

Boy running in the waves.

and recently recovering from ligament surgery.


Relaxing with a cuppa.  Silver Fox enjoys a snooze

at Mum's feet - ahhhh its a tough old life.

Watson is looking forward to summer

and endless fetch the tennis ball games!




What an eventful and amazing and at times sad year we have had with our Swedish Vallhunds.  November 20th 2009 the Swedish Vallhund Club formed.  Since then we have seen our membership grow, our dogs profiled nationally and internationally.  Swedish Vallhunds made it on to TV and into magazines. They traveled to Pet Expo, into the show ring and competed in dogs sports.  Mostly though they were and are our beloved family companions first. 


Video - Rose and Ian at Pokeno

We gathered also to remember Mrs Lesley Gray, and very sadly found ourselves fare-welling Mrs Rose Madsen, pioneering Swedish Vallhund Breeder who passed away in August 2010. 

We welcomed new puppies into the community.  Mr Ian Gray accepted our invitation to take on the role of club patron which had so ably been filled by Rose as our first patron.  The club has a committee of eight capable, talented people, led by president Mr Martin Jansen of Dunedin. 

Keisha, Martin and Torraq (on Martin's lap)

An edition of the club magazine was mailed out to some 300 people at significant personal cost to the committee early on, but quickly it was realised that the job of the newsletter could be filled online without nearly as much expense to be laid out.  So every month without fail news, photos and articles have been published right here.  

The community has been very supportive supplying content and photos for the website and we hope with new puppy owners and new breeders that this will continue, alongside the experienced Swedish Vallhund owners contributions of course :)

New Puppies in 2010

Earlier this year we saw Wallaby retired stud for Valkrista disappear, going walkabouts and we all took a collective sigh of relief when he turned up again.  Wallaby is home again safe and sound in Mangawhai.  Wallaby's story featured on our front page alongside many other lovely Vall's; Ash, Teddy, Nova, Sassa, Millie, Puffin, Georgia, Pippi & Heydoh, Mandy to name a few.

The club has enjoyed international support from overseas breeders sending their photos and well wishes as we grew.  A facebook page was set up, tand he beginnings of a health register started and all on a shoe string budget. 

One of our international photo contributions from 2010,

William is owned By Anita Whitmarsh of Sweden

A few that believed in the concept of a club, but doubted that one could be formed for a rare breed with only some 400 examples living in New Zealand, watched a club unfold before their eyes. 

It was never possible to please all of the people all of the time but with our mission and aim established early on it wasn't too hard to keep the club steering in the right direction.  Our focus today is to celebrate what has been achieved and strive to do better next year for the one third of Swedish Vallhund owners in New Zealand who opted to join and help form our club. 

To everyone who rolled up their sleeves to help, to all those who said 'well done', for all that emailed encouragement and sent positive vibes through we say THANKS!

Current members are invited to fill in the wish list for 2011 below.





Special thanks to Digby.  Digby (Valkrista Middle Earth) has been the handsome and unofficial mascot for the whole year.  Digby, owned by Mary Fisher has graced our website in the banner above.  Relaxed in the garden with his happy face he has been a cheerful first sight as our page loads for visitors old and new. 

This website attracts some 600 hits per month.  Four hundred of these occur in the first week of the month.  When tracked it is revealed that about 30% of these hits come from Europe, 50% from inside New Zealand and the remainder made up of people reading from Australia and the rest of the world.

Others to thank for our last year have been Oili Helenius who has kindly contributed her beautiful professional photographs on more than one occasion, including a stunning slideshow of imagery showcased to some 10,000 people who went through the Claudelands event centre in Hamilton during the 2010 Pet Expo.

Oili's Photos


  Above top: Louise and Natalie organise the projector for Oili's

beautiful photos.  Above Martin man's the Pet Expo stall.

Also a huge thanks to the Official Swedish Vallhund Clubs internationally that have encouraged us - thank you,  thank you. We look to Sweden for the example to follow, but enjoy friendships with  Swedish Vallhund Organisations world wide as we (like they) seek to protect and promote the breed we love ~  the wonderful  Västgötaspets. 

We extend thanks also to The N.Z.K.C. for their advice, and their invitation to us to apply for official recognition.  Others we would like to thank include Alistair Hall and team at Lifestyle publishing (fetch! magazine).  

Also Simon Goodall with Dog Guru.  Simon's professional advice has been invaluable with our running of a rescue and re home service.  Adult Swedish Vallhunds do not come up for adoption very often, but when they do (& where the club is invited to assist) we welcome the input from Dog Guru.  Our desire is to achieve best outcomes for dogs, their relinquishing owners and their new owners.  Professional practice is of particular importance in view of New Zealand's recently strengthened Dog Control legislation.

Thanks to Mr Ian Gray who graciously hosted the committee in his home, we learned a lot from the evening conversation over dinner about the history of the Vallhunds in New Zealand and took on board Mr Grays ideas for future projects of the club.  We were honoured to be part of a day to remember Lesley.

The paperwork is away in Wellington now for us to become an incorporated body and the application to become recognised by the N.Z.K.C. also being completed.  The committee is looking forward to our AGM soon to be held in Queenstown.  All members are welcome to join and a months notice of date and venue will be posted for those planning to travel. 

Most of all the club and committee wanted to say thanks to everyone and say how we are looking forward to the trials and triumphs that the next year will bring. 

Amber, Peta, Louise, Pat,

Martin, Natalie, Ann & Anna.

Silver Fox & Ocean