October Swedish Vallhund News

* Congratulations to:

Kath and Greg of Torvall kennel in Wellington for winning Best of Breed at the New Zealand Kennel Club 2010 National Championship Dog Show held this year in Fielding.  Congratulations to all participants, results as follows


Best of Breed            

Bred by Mrs Rose Madsen
Owned by Mr Greg Sloane
Reserve Best of Breed                 HOGALIDS DEXTER (IMP-SWE)


*  Introducing our Club Patron
The Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ) are delighted to introduce our club Patron Mr. Ian Gray.  Like our first Patron, the late Mrs Rose Madsen, Ian and his late wife Lesley had a long and successfull association with the Swedish Vallhund Breed. Read about Ian and Lesley pictured below with their wonderful Swedish Vallhunds  here.

Pictured November 2009, from left to right
Mr Martin Jansen, Mrs Rose Madsen, Mr Ian Grey.

 * Calendar 2011

As there is another calendar project for Swedish Vallhunds occurring in our community we have been asked not to go ahead with out project of making a calendar.    This is a reasonable request and so have decided to fore go our Calendar project.  We thank everyone for sending in their photo contribution however.  There will be plenty of opportunity to use these pictures on the club website through next year instead.  

* Health Register
We are in the final stages of dotting 'i's' and crossing 't's' when it comes to the Health Register project.  We are anticipating launching the Register for Australian and New Zealand Swedish Vallhunds early next year.  Well done to those working on this project for the mammoth effort that has gone in behind the scenes to ensure that the register starts as it means to go on and will hold its integrity and usefulness well into the future.  More updates in this as they come to hand. 

Following the Official Swedish Vallhund Club of Sweden (Special Klubben For Västgötaspets, SKV), the Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ) and in conjunction with other official Swedish Vallhund organisations internationally, want to make it clear that we do NOT support or endorse the so called "list" displayed on various websites (some anonymously owned), or circulating via email, regarding unorthodox research on the Swedish Vallhund Breed.


* Advertising Opportunities

We currently have a number of possible projects ahead that will present opportunities to for breeders to advertise.  If you wish to be included with such things as pamphlet, calendar sponsorship, magazine features and the like, please stay in touch with Peta Dowle or Natalie Morgan so that you do not miss out. 

* Vall-Meets
Let us know when and where you are having your gathering or Vall-Meet and we can advertise it here for you.  

There is a gathering planned in Otago,  March 12th 2011.  Where on this date we will put up a photo of Krista, and Rose as we gather for the weekend.  (see the below featured Swedish Vallhund).  More details to come.  We encourage Vall-Meets and gatherings where ever you are in the country.  

It would be nice to see several around our nation as close as possible to March 11th next year.

* Get Well Soon!
Club member and former committee member Karen Lange has suffered a recent bout of serious illness.  The committee and wider Swedish vallhund club and community want to wish Karen speedy recovery and hope that she is home with her husband Brett and dogs Turbo and Nova soon.

* Aussies
Congratulations to the Australian Breeders with a number of litters across the Tasman.  Learn about what our cousins across the ditch are up to here.

* New Breeders
The new applicants to the Swedish Vallhund Club who wish to breed a Swedish Vallhund bitch, please remember that you are require first to register your kennel with the N.Z.K.C.  This also applies to those upgrading membership to breeder membership.  All breeders are reminded that you are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the N.Z.K.C.  These rules may be found HERE

* Club Rules
Submission for our proposed new rules closed on the 30th of September.  Debate and further discussion is invited at our AGM where the rules will be adopted.  There will be 28 days notice of the date and venue of the AGM.  There may be an opportunity for the AGM to be held in Queenstown which is currently being explored.

* Becoming recognised by the N.Z.K.C
After incorporation the next logical step may be to be recognised by the N.Z.K.C which leads to association.  We have been invited to become recognised by the N.Z.K.C. It is not however compulsary to do so.  The committee are interested in the wider club's point of view on this issue.  If you have an opinion to share on the matter we would encourage you to write or email the club with your thoughts.

* Rescue and Rehomed Dogs
We have a small number of dogs that need rehoming coming up from time to time in New Zealand.  We invite people interested in a re homed dog to make contact with the club.  We work with other professional rescue and re homers and organisations.  Dogs are screened by a qualified dog behaviorist to ensure they are a suitable candidate for the move to a new home.  Where we are involved we provide back up support, and advice for the new owners.