Ove Germundsson

On the 27th of August 2010 Ove Germundsson passed away at home quietly after illness. Ove Germundsson was one of only two Swedish Vallhund specialist judges from Sweden.  Well respected and liked by the whole Västgötaspets world.  Ove was popular with exhibitors, breeders and collegues alike and also within many other breeds. Ove, a judge since 1991 executed appointments in his capacity as judge all over the world including judging atCrufts. He also travelled to New Zealand for judging and had been until very recently due to come again.  

Those who met and knew Ove describe him as friendly and very knowledgable.  His opinion highly respected.  The Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ) wish to extend to Sweden, and to Ove's nearest friends and family  heartfelt sympathies at the loss of a good man with a keen eye for a great dog.  Rest in peace Ove.

* Rose Madsen 

On the 8th of August 2010 Mrs Rose Madsen, after a battle with cancer passed away, slipping away in her sleep . Rose was an enthusiastic supporter of the breeders in New Zealand, sharing her bloodlines and dogs with others, and sharing her knowledge and love of her favourite dog breed.   She is to go down in Swedish Vallhund history for many firsts and positive contributions including being one of our club's foundation members, signatory to the impending incorporation of the club, and also as our first Patron.  Rose was a very active lady serving on many committees and contributing as a well known and well liked member of her wider community beyond the dog world.  The Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ)  extend to her husband Hans, her family and friends our sincere condolences.   We too are feeling this loss.  Rose will be very  much missed by many.


 * Animal Academy

September 5th, TV6 watch out for Anna Thompson and her Swedish Vallhund Apollo starring on Whitebait T.V. show Animal Academy.  The programme is hosted by Olympic Gold medalist Sarah Ulmer and also Park Ranger Jeremy McGuire.  Filming was completed some months ago and we look forward to seeing how it all turned out.

* Feedback
We have a feedback system for members of the public and of the club. Complaints will only be investigated and dealt with by the committee if they are made in writing and mailed via the postal system to:

M.A. Jansen,
27 Taupo Street,
Otago, 9022.

No complaint has been or will be entertained if it arrives via word of mouth, by email, or informally and inappropriately routed through intermediaries.   

* To the New Breeders
The new applicants to the Swedish Vallhund Club who wish to breed a Swedish Vallhund bitch, please remember that you are require first to register your kennel with the N.Z.K.C.  This also applies to those upgrading membership to breeder membership.  All breeders are reminded that you are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the N.Z.K.C.  These rules may be found HERE

* Rescue and Rehomed Dogs
We have a small number of dogs that need rehoming coming up from time to time in New Zealand.  We invite people interested in a re homed dog to make contact with the club.  We work with other professional rescue and re homers and organisations.  Dogs are screened by a qualified dog behaviorist to ensure they are a suitable candidate for the move to a new home.  Where we are involved we provide back up support, and advice for the new owners.  

* World Congress
Please read the latest UPDATE from Anita Whitmarsh for people attending World Congress 2011.  Plans and details are coming together well for what is shaping up to be an exciting event in Sweden.  Congress is NOT just for breeders and judges.  The invite to attend extends to every Swedish Vallhund enthusiast.

 * Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ) Rules 

Members are invited to make submissions on the proposed rules for our club.  As part of the building of our new club and to comply with the process to become incorporated we need a set of rules and as they will become binding upon all members the whole club are invited to have a say on what is proposed.  If no submissions are made the rules as they appear here will be adopted as they are.  Any submissions made will be discussed and voted on at our A.G.M.  There will be 28 days notice of our A.G.M. date and venue which is expected to be held in Wellington.  Submission closing date is September 30th 2010.  The proposed rules may be found HERE

* Calendar Photos 2011

Send them in.... send them in...... This is the month in which you will be able to send in contributions for the Official club calendar.  We are currently investigating how we can incorporate your Swedish Vallhund on the cover of the calendars you order.  Calendars will be able to be ordered in October and posted in November in time for Christmas.

* Advertising Opportunities
We currently have a number of possible projects ahead that will present opportunities to for breeders to advertise.  If you wish to be included with such things as pamphlet, calendar sponsorship, magazine features and the like, please stay in touch with Peta Dowle so that you do not miss out. 

* Vall-Meets
Let us know when and where you are having your gathering or Vall-Meet and we can advertise it here for you.  

There is a gathering planned in Otago,  March 12th 2011.  Where on this date we will put up a photo of Krista, and Rose as we gather for the weekend.  (see the below featured Swedish Vallhund).  More details to come.  We encourage Vall-Meets and gatherings where ever you are in the country.  

It would be nice to see several around our nation as close as possible to March 11th next year.

 * Congratulations

To Janette Schwass and also to Kath and Greg Sinclair for recently titling their bitches.   Valkrista Miss Matilda and Valkrista Maid Marion are now both New Zealand Champions.

* Important Announcement
With the passing of Mrs Rose Madsen, the role of patron of our club has been left vacant.  It is tinged with sadness that we needed to look for a suitable person of standing and character to represent the the Swedish Vallhund Club (NZ).  Someone with ethic, principle and who has demonstrated an understanding and knowledge of the Swedish Vallhund Dog breed.  

We are certain that Rose would approve of the appointment of Mr Ian Grey to the position of patron of our club.  Rose counted Ian and his [late] wife Lesley as her friends.  Both people she admired and liked a lot.

Pictured November 2009, from left to right
Mr Martin Jansen, Mrs Rose Madsen, Mr Ian Grey.

On the 5th of September 2010 club president, Martin Jansen, spoke in person with Ian Grey .   After some thought and consideration Ian said he would humbly and gratefully accept the position.  Yet it is we the committee and wider club who are humbled and delighted by the honour of having a  man so highly thought of in Swedish Vallhund world, and dog world and  wider community beyond as our Patron.  A full account of the role Ian and Lesley played in the history of the breed in Aotearoa will be published with the October refresh of this front page.