Planet Litter 2017
Sire: Swe Ch. Svedala Linus Lingon
Dam: Barahwolfe Lil' Red Poppies

Barahwolfe Mercury Rising
Barahwolfe Venus N Bluejeans
Barahwolfe Google Earth
Barahwolfe Mars Bar
Barahwolfe Just Jupiter
Barahwolfe Uranian Blue
Barahwolfe Saturn Skies
Barahwolfe King Neptune
Barahwolfe Possibly Pluto

Our Litter History

Since 2008 we have had about one litter per year.  More recently as we have imported multiple new blood lines from Finland/Sweden and to broaden out the genetic diversity in New Zealand we have lifted our litter numbers to 2 - 3 litters per year, also while supporting new breeders in New Zealand by sharing our lines.  Our numbers will always be low, seeking quality, health and temperament over any other aspect of dog breeding.

To the left are all our litters, with puppy names and a photo of one of them as an adult representing that litter.

Note, we have never produced a litter from same sire and dam, also called 'repetitive pairings'.  In the interests of the breed we will never undertake repetitive pairings which is not a criticizm of those that do, but is a standard we set ourselves from day one.

Puppies are raised with love and care, health and welfare priority. Breeding ethics paramount and we go over and above the NZKC code of practice.  

Little House On The Prairie Litter 2016
Sire: Barahwolfe Sundown Warbirds
Dam: Ausled Guardian Primrose

Barahwolfe Albert Ingalls
Barahwolfe Miss Mary Ingalls
Barahwolfe Tomboy Laura
Barahwolfe Miss Beadle
Barahwolfe Lovin' Pa Ingalls
Barahwolfe Jonathon Garvey

Hollywood Litter 2015
Sire: Barahwolfe Blackberry Thorn
Dam: Barahwolfe Lemon Cheesecake

Barahwolfe Audrey Hepburn
Barahwolfe Mae West
Barahwolfe Joan Fontaine
Barahwolfe Ava Gardener
Barahwolfe Errol Flynn
Barahwolfe Burt Lancaster
Barahwolfe Humphry Bogart 

 Anzac Day Litter 2015
By Frozen AI Semen
Sire: Champion of twelve countries Pihlspetsens Andy Pandy
Dam: Barahwolfe Lemon Cheesecake 

Barahwolfe Sundown Warbirds - Baby Puppy of Show

Barahwolfe Lil' Red Poppies
Barahwolfe Allied Forces
Barahwolfe Sundown Warbirds

Cluedo Litter 2014 
Sire: Vallarity Harlem Shuffle + Dam: Barahwolfe Lemon Cheesecake 

Barahwolfe Miss Tea Scarlett
Barahwolfe Mrs Kelsie White
Barahwolfe Miss Mae Peacock
Barahwolfe Rev Erik Green
Barahwolfe Det SGT Benny Gray
Barahwolfe Inspektor Cluedo
Barahwolfe Prof Rum Plum
Barahwolfe Col James Mustard 

Military Litter 2013

Sire: Barahwolfe Pasodoble Fire. + Dam: Barahwolfe Lemon Cheesecake 

Barahwolfe Iroqios Pilot
Barahwolfe Seasprite Choppa
Barahwolfe HMNZS Te Kaha
Barahwolfe At Ease Solider
Barahwolfe Saphire On Parade
Barahwolfe Saluting Heidie
Barahwolfe Reconnaissance
Barahwolfe Gallantry Medal
Barahwolfe Tail End Charlie

Diamond Litter 2012
Sire: Barahwolfe Blackberry Thorn.  + Dam: Akka Sassa Cessna (imp Aust.)

Barahwolfe Pasodoble Fire
Barahwolfe Diamond Salsa
Barahwolfe Diamond Shimmy
Barahwolfe Diamond Disco
Barahwolfe Diamond HokiKoki
Barahwolfe Diamond Rumba

Vanilla Litter 2011 
Sire: Candace Valkrista Voyager (imp U.K.). + Dam: Akka Sassa Cessna (imp Aust.)

Barahwolfe Vanilla Orchid
NZ. Ch. Barahwolfe Vanilla Myah
Barahwolfe Vaniljessens
Barahwolfe Vaniljglass
Barahwolfe Mr Vanilla Bean
Barahwolfe Vanilla Flicka
Barahwolfe Mr French Vanilla

Rose Tribute Litter 2010
Sire: Candace Valkrista Voyager (imp U.K.).  + Dam: Valkrista Silver Possum

Barahwolfe Hazelnut Whirl
NZ. Ch. Barahwolfe Caramel Velvet
Barahwolfe Coffee Creme
Barahwolfe Peppermint Cream
Barahwolfe Lemon Cheese Cake
Barahwolfe Cherry Ripe

  Mistletoe Litter 2009
Sire: NZ Ch Murivall Antares. + Dam: Valkrista Silver Possum

Barahwolfe Mistletoe Tyko 
Barahwolfe Mistletoe Tonto
Barahwolfe Mistletoe Sweet Fudge. 
Barahwolfe Mistletoe Tonka 
Barahwolfe Mistletoe Vissy
Barahwolfe Mistletoe Heidi
Barahwolfe Mistletoe Freiia
Barahwolfe Woodlands Watson 

Blackberry Litter 2008
Sire: Valkrista Greg Murph. +  Dam: Valkrista Silver Possum

Aust. Ch. Barahwolfe Blackberry Jazz.
Barahwolfe Blackberry Smoke.
Barahwolfe Blackberry Thorn.
Barahwolfe Blackberry Gold. 
Aust. Ch. Barahwolfe Blackberry Skye. 
Barahwolfe Blackberry Kiss.
Barahwolfe Blackberry Smudge.