Visiting Bertha Willms while in The Netherlands.

Bertha Willms invited me to come and meet the dogs...which sounded great and so I did. By having been away from my own two Vallhunds Iris and Harley for almost 4 weeks I was starting to have Vallhund-Withdrawal symptoms. The time we had wasn't nearly long enough. I met Bertha Willms and her dogs, ....Annika-Doortje and Castleavery Storm Shadow- Sir Jasper and Castleavery Gold Gift- Lenie.  

It was extra nice to meet Sir Jasper who is related ( Uncle ) to my Vallhund Iris and who immediately decided that he could wind me around his little paw with all his charms!  We had a great afternoon. A friend of Bertha named Raymond Lahaije also came with  his 9 month old Frida a gorgeous young vallhund Girl!

There was coffee, tea, cake and frienship and the sharing of Vallhund happenings, it was quite amazing and the weather which had been sad and cold smiled upon us as to say enjoy this special day!

Sad as it was having to leave such lovely people and their gorgeous dogs and be on our way. But as Bertha said " Who would ever have thought I would meet a friend all the way from New Zealand who shares my passion of Swedish Vallhunds, and whom I met on a social networking website about our beloved breed."

You see these little Viking dogs do more than just please the ones they own. 
They bring people together as the rest of the world slowly but surely starts to see how special they really are!!

Out of my travel diary April 2013
Paula van Dijk



  (Photo: C.I.B. FI SE DK NORD EE LV LT BALT BY CH BALTIC WINNER-07 Jaxonville Kappas Vaan) 

Aussie crowd and Swedish Vallhunds