Congratulations to Debbie Knowles for her delightful and insightful article on her experiences of the Swedish Vallhund breed in New Zealand.  Such lovely photos were a joy to see in print, especially when they so rarely are published in hard copy. The theme and over all tone of the expose on the mighty vallhund was entirely in keeping with the promotion style that the late Mrs Rose Madsen would surely have approved of. There still are so many New Zealanders and Australians that have yet to hear of, see of or know of this fantastic breed and it is heart warming to know that their true purpose, their nature and capabilities are still understood and appreciated.

Swedish film maker Rickard Johansson (29) of RJ Pictures is three months into a project that will see a 60 minute documentary style expose created about the Västgötaspets.  Rickard details that the filming is well under way and will cover the dogs from the Viking era through the 1942 rescue and up into present day.  The film will have a particular focus of the Swedish Vallhund being 'A Family Dog', and Rickard's intention is to demonstrate how much fun this awesome breed really is.

Puppy watching the film maker watching the puppy  


Enya and Rickard

 So far filming has occurred in several parts of Sweden and there is a potential location abroad option being considered.  Dogs at shows have been captured on film and Rickard says that the filming of baby puppies was enormously enjoyable.  The project has invited involvement of the Swedish Vallhund Club and the DVD which will be produced in Swedish but with English subtitles is envisioned being available to purchase from the SKV, and/or RJ Pictures.  Rickard says that should there be sufficient demand there is an option to produce an English version.  Rickard is seen with his own little Viking dog, Enya (Pihlspetsens Fröken Rödkulla).  Argle-Bargle will be delighted to publish details of when and when the DVD is available when the time comes. Watch this space.


Swedish Vallhunds should be active, busy and provided an interesting life.  Not everyone has cattle that needs herding, however there are a myriad of outdoor adventures and dog sports that can keep your vallhund fulfilled and content.  Meet Fi Cameron's trio of Valls that enjoy among many things Mountaineering!!  



Jasper (Vanaheim Rhythm and Blues) is a NZ bred Swedish Vallhund based in Wellington.  His owner Michelle says... "Jasper has a cheeky nature and is very noisy - he likes to be involved in everything you do!  If you are having a bad day, you can't help but smile with Jasper at your side"