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Barahwolfe - The American Connection


In 2017 Peta Dowle sent to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA a TOP male puppy 
Barahwolfe Rangitiratanga. (Jack)

Jack lives with Pemzini Scott.  His breeding rights are owned by Barahwolfe Kennels and is available to American breeders vis frozen or fresh chilled semen.

Jack has passed all his health checks and is available at stud to American breeders as frozen or fresh chilled semen.

New Zealand & Australian Champion

In 2020, Peta sent 'Merc'  to  North Carolina, USA and belongs to Dan Campeau.  Merc is working towards his American Championship title and has contributed puppies in Australia and America as a proven sire.

(pup sired by Merc

in America).

merc puppy.jpg
Barahwolfe Mercury Rising.jpg

In 2021 "Nancy" or
USA CHAMPION Au Reult SD Nancy Hart of Barahwolfe” bred by Dan Campeau in North Carolina lives with Pemzini Scott in Nevada.  

Nancy and Jack are significant breeding interests for Barahwolfe as we operate an extention of our breeding programme inside the USA.  This is done in association and partnership with Pemzini Scott.  Additionally these two lovely dogs are to be the foundation breeding dogs for Pemzini.

Enquiries about breeding progeny from Nancy and/or Jack to be directed in the first instance to Peta Dowle, Barahwolfe, via our contact page here.

Special thanks to Daniel Campeau and Pemzini Scott,
American associates of Barahwolfe Kennel, New Zealand.


Beautiful, Pedigree, Swedish Vallhunds of Excellence in New Zealand since 2003

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