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Peta is a qualified Vet Nurse and member of the NZ Veterinary Nursing Association.  She believes in high welfare standards for the breeding of dogs.  In choosing to bring the next generation of Vallhunds into the world her focus is on temperament, health, good looks, trainability, and the breed standard.  Animal husbandry is paramount at Barahwolfe with generous care taken of bitches expecting puppies. Peta has invested in a wide range of genetics, both imported and from domestic contributions to contribute responsibly to the ongoing state of the breed.

Barahwolfe operates out of her rural Otago homestead, as a quarantine and isolation animal facility.  Visitors are welcome by appointment.


Peta urges all the pet buying public, if possible to visit the dogs and facilities where any puppy is raised.  Knowing who raised your puppy and where they have came from is doing due dilligence and helps avoid the heartache of puppy scammers and disreputable operations as too often seen on Fairgo and similar media broadcasts.


The pictures here are a selection of photos from some of our favourite dogs and moments.  Barahwolfe pups have grown up to become; Champion Show Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Dog Sports Competitors, Working Farm Dogs, International Travellers, and Contributors to the genepool.  Mostly they make the best Family Companion Dogs.  All credit is given to their wonderful families who put in the training and effort to let their dogs blossom and meet their potential.

Vallhund Walk

Vallhund meet ups happen all over New Zealand.


'Champion Barahwolfe Mercury Rising', son of Bosse from prestigious Svedala kennel in Sweden, is an Australian and New Zealand Champion. Merc is currently in the USA persuing his American Champion and will become the first New Zealand Swedish Vallhund to carry TRIPLE Championship titles.


'Barahwolfe Cosmo Lord Duke Of Beckenham' with his CGC Bronze award.


'Champion Barahwolfe Snowbells Of Acceberra' rocking it on the show scene. Ribbons Galore.


'Barahwolfe Rangatiratanga', or Jack, is one of our stud dogs abroad. Jack resides in Las Vegas, USA.


'Barahwolfe Lil' Red Poppies', born on ANZAC day 2015 arrived via frozen AI breeding. She is daughter of a Multi Titled International Champion of Twelve countries.

Possum & Pippy

'Valkrista Silver Possum' and her daugher 'Barahwolfe Lemon Cheesecake'. Possum and Pippy were two of our early foundation girls.


'Champion Barahwolfe She'll Be Gold' is just one of our many New Zealand Champion dogs that have excelled on the Dog Show scene in New Zealand.


'Barahwolfe Iroqois Pilot', shows that Swedish Vallhunds, when trained still make excellent working farm dogs. The purpose for which they were preserved and used in Sweden.


Beautiful, Pedigree, Swedish Vallhunds of Excellence in New Zealand since 2003

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